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In 2005, Target Golf Academy's head professional, Mark Kuhn wrote and illustrated Golf 101 with Bob Dimpleton.

With the success of the book, Target Golf Academy began offering it to other golf professionals. To date, professionals who know about the book have purchased more than 25,000 copies for their golf programs. The purpose of this website is to promote and continue to sell the Golf 101 book to fellow golf professionals and individuals who can greatly benefit from it.

Book Description
Used in professional golf programs throughout North America, Golf 101 with Bob Dimpleton helps new golfers prepare properly for the golf course. Each page is creatively designed for all ages to easily learn from and enjoy. Students learn key swing information on topics like putting, chipping, pitching, full swing and sand shots. Also, they learn how to play golf from start to finish. The clear and colorful illustrations walk them through step by step on how to book a tee time through to their final putt on the 18th hole. Along the way they will learn about safety, rules, etiquette, golf equipment and more. This is a great first book for kids or adults taking up the game for the first time.

What sets this book apart?

* This book provides a new golfer with a better learning experience by only focusing on the basics.

* The clear and colorful pictures makes this book one of the easiest to learn from. Each page is creatively designed for all ages to enjoy.

* Target Golf Academy offers great volume discounts to its fellow golf professionals. By selling more copies in one order, we can pass these savings on to our colleagues.

* The Golf 101 book is printed on the highest quality paper and printing presses in the publishing industry.

* The instructional sections are designed to be as neutral as possible by iterating ideas that have stood the test of time by yesterday and todays top instructors. In other words, it shouldn't interfere with individual teaching styles or beliefs on the golf swing to any great degree.

If you are a golf professional looking to add value to your golf lessons or an individual looking to learn the basics properly, then Golf 101 with Bob Dimpleton is the right choice. Preview the book now by clicking on the button below.


"Not only is Golf 101 a great introduction for Juniors, it provided for an excellent guidemap for our weekly programs."
Troy Dickson - PGA


"The Bob Dimpleton book is perfect for the beginner golfer. It is easy to understand and the illustrations are perfect."
Tim Sawatzky - Head Professional


"If I was still teaching golf today, I would offer this book to my students. It's fun, simple, and loaded with good information."
Ken Lea - Head Professional

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